If you are an owner/occupier, join Community Power Network with thousands of other small businesses and residents who generate and store their own electricity using high-quality solar and battery storage. You become your own energy retailer, with all profits going back to you.

If you are a tenant, show your landlord how you both can save on electricity and register your interest below.


Goodbye, crippling retail electricity bills. 

Hello, more profit.

  • Save at least 30% on electricity*

  • $0 retail power bills*

  • Future-proof your electrical power for price and certainty*

  • No blackouts*

  • Independence from traditional energy retailers

*Savings and benefits are indicative only, based on community averages. Each premise and user case will be different. 

What is Community Power Network?

It’s a community of thousands, where members gain the power of bulk purchasing to create their very own reliable and affordable ‘power station.’ You gain independence from traditional energy retailers to generate and store electricity at significantly lower costs. And protect yourself from uncertain pricing and supply.


World-class products for certainty of supply.

Community Power Network only uses the highest quality technologies to ensure certainty of supply and eliminate frustrating interruptions to power.

This is not about purchasing cheap products. It’s about community purchasing power to acquire a quality system that produces cheap electricity for many years to come, with no service issues.


Use Building Upgrade Finance.

Make fixed-rate payments through your council rates over 10 years. When you sell, the balance owing remains with the property.

For landlords, recover energy bill savings from your tenants to potentially cover 100% of system and finance costs. For owner-occupiers, BUF turns a capital expense into an operating one. Claim for each payment, instead of depreciating over 20 years.

*T&Cs apply.


Register your interest using the form below.

It’s free to join and takes just a few minutes to register your interest. We will provide you with a preliminary report on how much you can save and what your new low monthly cost for electricity will be, based on volume discount and your system requirements.