How it Works


Your future-proofed savings & profit, protecting you from energy retailers night & day.

You're currently paying an electrical retailer meaning you have no control over rising electricity prices. But, with Community Power Network you are your own electricity retailer and don’t depend on the grid, meaning you are no longer captive to rising electricity prices.

Rather than paying an electricity retailer, you're paying yourself back, saving a lot of money and adding value to your property.

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Minimal energy production/high energy needs.

Your battery bridges the gap while the sun begins to power your solar system up.


High energy production/very high energy needs.

Solar is at its peak. Your system can provide for the day and put power into the battery.


Low energy production/high energy needs.

All that energy created during the day comes out to play at night when you need it.



Join Community Power Network


Step 1.

Simply register your interest to join Community Power Network.

Step 2.

One of our Community Power Network specialists will give you a call to discuss how Community Power Network can help you gain independence from energy retailers and greatly reduce your electricity costs. 


Step 3.

Declare your independence day. Become your own energy retailer. You'll be protected from rising electricity prices and blackouts, and gain certainty of supply.