Goodbye, energy retailers!

Hello, independence and $0 retail electricity bills!


We're leveraging the buying power of a community to make solar and batteries affordable for everyone.
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Community Power Network protects Australians from escalating electricity prices by providing the power of bulk purchasing for world-class solar and battery storage technologies. Ultimately, Community Power Network creates a distributed or virtual ‘power station’ across whole communities to future-proof individuals as well as the network infrastructure, enabling energy to become far cheaper and more reliable. 

News from our global community

Community Power Network is the brainchild of Glenn Morelli, Managing Director of Cool or Cosy, with over 25 years of experience in the solar and HVAC industry. 

His personal belief is that quality and long-term thinking is imperative in ensuring renewables make the most impact, which is why he’s gathered the best of breed for Community Power Network. With one single and proven package, the attraction of a large community creates better buying power, lowering costs for the good of all for a very long time to come.


Community Power Network is supported by

Our Power For All Fund.

We believe in a fairer world where people are not locked out of opportunities because of their financial situations. For every 100 solar energy systems and batteries we install in a community, we donate and install another free of charge for people or community groups who are under economic stress.
— Glenn Morelli, Founder, Community Power Network

Because we're all joining together, the benefits are greater.

What is Community Power Network?

It’s a decentralised energy system that enables people to break free from energy retailer's power bills. Each home and small business in the network connects their solar panel and battery storage and is allocated a daily allowance.

As well as generating their own power, a small amount of the excess power stored in their battery is returned to the system to provide additional power to connected homes, help stabilise the grid and prevent blackouts. 


$0 retail electricity bills for up to 10 years.*

  • Then a small monthly administration fee - either $42, $52 or $62 depending on the size of the solar energy system

  • Gain a better return than relying on shrinking feed-in tariffs

  • Save at least 30% on electricity

  • Reduce your environmental impact

  • Enjoy a bulk-buy discount as part of a community

  • Immediately save on your bills, so local money stays in the local community and doesn't feed the profits of overseas energy companies.

*Terms and conditions apply.

Did you know?

Energy retailers in Australia are among the most profitable in the world. There is also a lot of foreign interest in the Australian electricity market. That hurts Australia in 3 ways: (1) High electricity prices hurt local communities, (2) Money that could be spent locally is being spent overseas, (3) Local companies struggle with high electricity pricing and miss out on local spend.

Another reason for us to join together.

Switching to renewable power can help to slow climate change. Areas like the Arctic are already experiencing its impact on wildlife. One example of this is the danger posed by broken up chunks of sea ice which can crush or drown baby harp seals before they’ve learned to swim. 

Every tonne of CO2 we save, saves 3.2m2 of ice.